Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn Paid Advertising

You're hesitant to spend money on Facebook Ads, even though you know there is a potential audience of 3 billion people out there. So much rubbish shows up in your feed and you don't want to "cheapen" your brand.  

I get it. Social Media ads done badly can be disastrous for a brand and can be a huge waste of money. However, when ads are done well, by someone who understands the science and the art behind it, they can propel your business to new audiences and drive your revenue. In the past, advertising was done with flyers, on radio or TV, nowadays, that money is being spent on paid social because it works. Massive brands are leveraging this avenue and so should you. The beauty of Facebook ads is that huge enterprises and solopreneurs can share the space. However, in order to make ads work and provide a valid return on ad spend, you need to hire someone who knows what they are doing. You wouldn't hire a chef to fix your car or an IT person to do your taxes, would you?  


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Facebook advertising gives you the ability to target very specific audiences, find new audiences and deeply analyse what works and what doesn't for your brand. The pixel is priceless for understanding your web traffic. Whether you’re looking to raise your brand awareness, build professional relationships, or drive leads on social, using LinkedIn Sponsored Content is a must. LinkedIn is the #1 B2B social media platform for content distribution.  

If you are dabbling in Facebook ads or Sponsored Content, you may not be getting the best value for money. CBO, CTR, CPC, ROAS, etc. can all be overwhelming. (What do they even mean, you might ask?!) Building target audiences and funnels is tricky. Even the initial set-up can be confusing- do you know your Facebook Business Manager from Ads Manager. You don't need to, as I've got it.  

Having studied with the premier Facebook Ads specialist in the UK, Emma van Heusen, I can easily navigate the sea of acronyms and help you to achieve the best ROI for your business while targeting warm and cold audiences that are perfect for your brand. As part of an elite group of Facebook Advertisers, I have access to a huge network of ads professionals that are a wealth of support, if needed.  

Digital Marketing is a powerful way of driving your business, if done effectively and with the correct strategy. If you would like to further discuss how we can work together, let’s have a virtual coffee or tea. Nothing happens without setting specific, measurable, and time-oriented goals. We’ll take a comprehensive approach to building a plan for your business, so you can track and measure your success in the upcoming quarters. Be strategic. Be SMART.